I am a Soft Matter and Biophysics theoretical physicist, currently an independent postdoctoral fellow at the Center for the Physics of Biological Function in Princeton University. The common threads of my research are the study of emerging phenomena from simple local rules,  the use of “numerical experiments” on innovative toy models, and the search for elegant, geometrically intuitive interpretations.


09/2019    I have moved from the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science to the Center for the Physics of Biological Function.

02/2019    Stochastic Force Inference, a new method to reconstruct force and diffusion fields from Brownian trajectories, is out! Check the arXiv preprint here and the GitHub package here

Old News

5-7/11/2018  Why measure entropy production? A Princeton Center for Theoretical Science workshop.

29/11/2017  The workshop I organized on "Geometrically Frustrated Self-assembly" took place in Princeton.

08/11/2017   I have received the "Prix pour les Jeunes Chercheurs de la Fondation Bettencourt-Schueller".


My PhD thesis, directed by Martin Lenz, can be found here.


Email: ronceray (guesswhat) princeton.edu

Office/mail: 410 Jadwin Hall, Princeton University, 08544 Princeton NJ, USA